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The X2 Series examination lights are designed specifically for use during medical consultation and diagnosis. They are ideal for GP surgeries and clinics where flexibility and performance are crucial. 

Utilising LED technology, this general examination light has been developed to provide an intense beam with excellent colour rendering properties. The X2 Series has a low total cost of ownership, costing up to 75% less to run than equivalent halogen lights.

The X200 has q plug-top power supply and a flexible gooseneck with a pivot base allowing the user to choose between several mounting options.

This X200 (X200LFDM) comes with a desk clamp mount. Simply loosen and retighten to move the clamp to a new position. The clamp fits to the edge of a desk or work surface with a thickness of 12-70mm.

The X200 is also available with a range mount types to suit your application:

Additional mounts may be purchased separately and the light can easily be moved between them:


LIGHT Light source LED
Light intensity @ 0.5m 32,000K ±5%
Light intensity @ 0.75m 14,000K ±5%
Light intensity @ 1.0m 8,000K ±5%
Light intensity adjustment range 10-100%
Colour temperature 4,300K ±500
Colour rendering index (CRI) 95
Colour rendering (R9) 88
Light field diameter (D50) @0.5m: 120mm
@0.75m: 135mm
@1m: 180mm
Light field diameter (D10) @0.5m: 230mm
@0.75m: 325mm
@1m: 460mm
Number of LEDs @1m: 460mm
POWER Power consumption 12W 0.1A
Average working life > 50,000 Hours
  Input voltage 100 - 240V 50/60Hz
  Output voltage 12V DC 1A
  Temperature rise on patient ≤2°C
MOVEMENT Beam angle 10°
  Head rotation 320°
OTHER NHS e-class code FBU, FKR
  Commodity code 9018 908400
  GDMN code 12276

This light has around 50,000 hours of life from the LED light engine equating to around 25 years of clinical use (based on 5.5 hours clinical use per day). The X2 Series requires minimal maintenance and has a smooth, fully-enclosed BioProtect coated head to assist with infection control management.


BioProtect is an antimicrobial solution coating applied to DARAY's products for infection control. Our core products are medical, dental and veterinary lighting used by specialist staff treating patients.

Infection is the highest risk in patient environments. BioProtect provides excellent protection against illness-causing bacteria such as MRSA, Salmonella, E. coli, Campylobacter and many other bacteria and fungal growths.

LED technology

LEDs (light emitting diodes) have been around for a while. Recently this technology has become leading-edge in the field of lighting - a breakthrough technological solution to the inherent problems of the incandescent light bulb.

We have taken the technology and developed it further to provide high definition lighting solutions with no infrared, high brightness, low environmental impact, low power consumption, no toxic chemicals and a long operating life.

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