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Quality assurance


DARAY is immensely proud to have achieved the internationally recognised standards ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. These accreditations ensure that our products and services continue to meet and exceed the needs of our clients through an effective and robust Quality Management System, demonstrating our commitment to further improving the quality of our products, and to maintaining the high standards of service delivery that we are known for.

In order to be awarded the certification, we are regularly assessed on clearly-defined procedures with quality and transparency in mind, across all departments within our organisation, including production, R&D, and within all business processes including risk management, document and data handling, and supply chain management.

Our decision to work towards these accreditations allows us to demonstrate to our clients our fierce determination to providing a high-quality and consistent product range, a strong customer focus, and ongoing investments in technology and development, sustainability, and efficiency.

ISO13485 and ISO9001 accreditations